The collection that changed glassware forever: Sommeliers was the world’s first wine glass collection featuring shapes designed specifically for wine enjoyment.

This design revolution was created by 9th generation Claus J. Riedel in 1958, who perfected glass design to its essence: bowl, stem and base. Thin-blown and unadorned, Claus was the first in history to recognize the effect of bowl shape on the perception of alcoholic beverages. His work has influenced and changed the appearance of stemware forever. 

Claus J. Riedel worked with experienced tasters and discovered that wine enjoyed from specifically designed glasses showed more depth and better balance than when served in generic glasses. He designed each glass to adhere to the Bauhaus design principle of form follows function, tailoring its shape to the characteristics of the wines it was designed for.

The creation of Sommeliers signaled the beginning of RIEDEL's dominance in the global wine glass market. This glass collection covers a variety of different shapes for wines, champagne, and spirits.

Sommeliers is handmade in crystal glass.

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